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Sock yarn and clearance yarns

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
Try Broadway as a yarn itself.

This clearance ruffle yarn can add some pizzazz to your knits.

While the ruffle scarf trend won’t return any time soon most likely, there are other items you can knit with Broadway. This clearance yarn is great for adding ruffles to other knit projects, like little ballerina outfits, purses, and skirts. Another option is to leave the yarn intact in it’s tube form and knit it with very large needles as a yarn unto itself.

Brown Purl Wool Roving

A second yarn on clearance at Diamond is our Select Pure Wool Roving.

Limited quantities left of this clearance yarn

We have one color left, it’s a great burnt brown that would knit into mittens, scarves, or even a layering vest.



Lastly, check out all the many colors of Footsie sock yarn. This wool-nylon blend comes in solids, mock-fairisle stripes, multicolored stripes and tonal stripes.